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5 Keys To Successful Investing in 2018


Investing is no rocket science but it can be dauntingand overwhelming. To succeed as an investor you need to have a well-thought-out strategy and stick with your long-term goals regardless of market conditions.While there are no rules or strategies thatcan guarantee success, the tips below can help you invest smarter and more effectively:

 Allow your investments to compound

Compound interest was termed the “eighth wonder of the world” for good reasons. The earlier you start saving and the longer you keep your money invested, the more time it has to compound and grow.

Take, for example, a 45-year-old who starts saving $2,000 a year until the age of 65 and generate an annual growth of 6% will have approximately $78,000 in savings. While a 25-year-old who saves the same amount and have the same growth rate will haveapproximately $329,000 by age 65. If the 45-year-old wants to catch up he would have to save $9,000 a year, about four timesthe amount the 25-year-old saves annually.

There are great benefits to leave your money invested for a long time, and the sooner you start investing, the betterand the more time you will have to grow your investments.

Diversify your portfolio

A well-diversified portfolio can help you mitigate risk during financial turmoil. One rule of thumb to follow when you are diversifying your portfolio is to determine your risk tolerance. A portfolio for a 30-year-old should be different from that of a 60-year-old.

Since assets such as stocks are more prone to market fluctuations and can offsetthe compounding your investmentshave gained over the years, it makes sense to take on more assets that are less exposed to market volatility as you near retirement.

You should invest in asset classes that don’t respond to the same market behavior, this way when one asset class is down, another willbe up and vice versa. For example, bonds don’t react in the same to the same market forces as stocks and foreign assets are not subject to the same rules as domestic assets. So investing in the right mix of asset classes will help safeguard your portfolio from market risk.

Invest in liquid assets for your short-term needs

One of the reasons why people invest inliquid assets is tobe able to convert their assets into cash quickly. You don’t want a situation whereby you need to pay for your kid’s education next week and your money is tied up in the market. So putting some of your money in savings account or investing in short-term securities, such as certificates of deposit and Treasury billswill give you quick access to your money with little to no cost involved.

While you won’t earn much on the money in your savings account andother safe securities, you can at least be sure that your money will be available to you when you need it. The last thing you want is to invest your emergency fund in assetsthat takean incredible amountof time to convert to cash.

Utilize dollar cost averaging

Dollar cost averaging refers to the principles that allowinvestorsto buy low when markets are bearish and high when markets are bullish. If you don’t want to risk putting lump sum amounts into the stock markets, you can spread the money out over a couple of months by utilizing dollar cost averaging.

For example, if you would like to invest $20,000 you can spread it out over a five-month period. By investing just $4,000 each month for five months you can mitigate risk and keep volatile market forces from depleting your assets.The good thing about this is that you don’t haveto predict market movement; you will be doing the same thing each month which guarantees that you will buy at current market prices. You should consider using dollar cost averaging whenever possible.

Rebalance your portfolio

Many times, your portfolio will drift from its original allocation. Takefor instance; in a portfolio of 80 percent stock and 20 percent bond, if stocks crash and bonds gain, you will wind up with more bonds in your portfolio than intended. Conversely, if stocks gain and bonds tank you will acquire more stocks than you want.So rebalancing will help you stay invested in the mix of asset classes that match your risk tolerance.

Periodically it’s good to review and rebalance your portfolio but you shouldn’t do it too frequently. If your original portfolio was 80 percent stock and 20 percent bond but after reviewing ityou found it’s 79 percent stockand 21 percentbond, the best thing is to leave it alone as there are no significant changes. If you try to rebalanceit to the original allocation you might wind up spending more on transaction fees.So only rebalance when it makes the most sense.

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Content marketing


Content marketing, is one of the most popular marketing strategies recently. Its main assumptions are based on the publication of attractive and valuable content that will attract a specific group of recipients, and these in turn will form a group of our potential customers. Unlike traditional marketing strategies, content marketing is based on a one-way advertising message and focuses on building long-term relations with recipients through mutual influence and engagement.By defining content marketing, we mean all content posted and disseminated via the Internet. We include articles, videos, webinars, podcasts, guides, infographics, reports and vlogs that are designed to provide reliable and desirable information, news and curiosities about a specific industry, thanks to which both the potential customer and the company are benefiting. It can be considered that such a strategy also includes areas outside the Internet, such as trade press, newsletters, brochures, brochures, leaflets, catalogs and books. Solid content marketing combines with viral marketing, that is activities that build brand awareness by encouraging customers to independently share information about a given company, its products or services. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to use different techniques to reach a potential client, and the most popular communication channels are: thematic forums, social media and industry blogs. In addition to vlogs, blogs and guides, texts are one of the best forms of content marketing. The creators have a lot of room for maneuver because they can adapt the form of the text to the potential recipient, company profile and communication strategy chosen by it.

Migrating Server Files to New Tier Storage, What You Should Know

Fade-out Effect:

Having a server or database with more than 1 server is very beneficial. Besides improving the reliability of the server, migrating old files to second tier storage also can help the main storage work more efficiently. However, moving files to another tier is not as easy as it sounds.

To make it simpler as well as keep the integrity of the files, you will need the help from a reliable server file archiving software. ArchiverFS can help you archive your old files and migrate them to UNC path or second tier storages like NAS, SAN and even cloud storage. You can click here for more information about this software.

Migrating old file to second tier storage and completely separating the first and second tier storage has its benefit as well. In case of disaster where you lost your data in one of the storage, you still have the backup in the second storage. If you choose a great file archiving software, you will be able to restore the files gradually, starting from the ones you urgently needed. This way, file restoring time will be more efficient. ArchiverFS has this feature and you can visit their site to know more about this functionality.

Another great feature from this archiving software is it complies with data protection regulation. Some countries have data protection law that regulates how long a company can retain a certain type of data. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for companies to comply with this regulation. Not because they don’t want to but many companies store their data without any structures. As a result, it is very challenging to decide when certain data should be disposed of. ArchiverFS has a solution for this. This archiving software make sure its users can comply with the data protection law by allowing the users to specify the exact time when the data should be deleted.

5 Best Ideas: How to Develop your Tourism Business


there are so many people who visit different countries and go out on tours. People of Dubai go on tours by taking the help of people who are engaged in the tourism business in Dubai.

Do you also want to develop a tourism business of your own? Here are some of the ideas that will help you in developing your business in the best possible way;

1.      Decide the area of your focus

There are different services that are given by the tourism business. All you need is to decide which particular area is the one on which you want to focus. types of business tourism and you must know about each one of them. if you know about them, you will be able to do your business very well.

Transportation services, travel agencies, tour guides and some other related services are provided by the companies of tourism.

2.      Make sure about the area you are going to cover

To develop a business of tourism, you must be aware of the areas in which you want to do business.

3.      Know your Competition

Before developing a business, a person must see the whole market. This will give a good idea of what the market already has and what else does it want. If there is the excess of anything, you must not do that business rather do something which has a scope. If a place is already congested there is no reason for taking that as an option.

Provide your services to the area that needs your services the most. The nature of business tourism will be dependent on your achievements.

4.      Business plan

If you do not plan for something, you won’t be able to do it in a good manner. All the people need to know the importance of business tourism plan. A good business plan must have a summary of what you want to do and how will you execute your plan. You must enlist all the necessary things in your business plan so you can work on it and become successful in your business. In addition to that, enlist the products and services you will provide to the people.

5.      Necessary funding

To earn money from the business, you must out in some money in that business as well. for that purpose, you must arrange money from different sources including lenders or business partners. All these parties will fund you and you will be able to run your business in this way. For example, if someone want company formation in Dubai than they should know the new government laws and tax policies when you investing money in your business.

Advantages of business tourism letting people tour the whole world in itself is a great achievement. When you become the helping hand for the people who want to visit the world, you feel so contented.

Importance of marketing

Without proper marketing, no business can flourish properly. If you want to be successful in your business tourism, you must market your business in a good way.

Marketing if done in a proper way can take your business to the skies. Take the help of social media and websites and make sure that you rock your business having the best characteristics of business tourism.

The Importance of Monitoring Your Children’s Online Activity


Smartphone is an inseparable aspect of children’s life nowadays. They use it to socialize, talk with their friends, and also find educative information from the internet. Unfortunately, it is not a secret that smartphone doesn’t always bring positive things.

This is why monitoring your children’s online activity is a must. If your children refuse to show their phone to you, you can install parental control app in their phone. No matter how you do it, here are the reasons why keeping an eye on your kids’ phone is something every parent should do.

It Is a Dangerous World Out There

Internet has its perks. But we cannot deny the fact that the online realm can be very dangerous, especially for children. Sexual predators are everywhere, even in the most unlikely sites or apps. Sometimes, the bad guys are not even adults. Your children’s friends might be bullying your kids or it is possible that your kids are actually the perpetrators.

You will not be able to know what is really going on unless you check what your kids are doing with their phone. So, just because your kids don’t show any signs of problems, it doesn’t mean that everything is going well. Always check their online activity to keep your kids from any dangers.

Keep Them Focus on More Important Things

Smartphone is a very important thing and there are many positive things it can bring for your kids. This is the reason monitoring with parental control app is necessary. When you notice that your children have spent too much time on their phone, or they have used it to access negative sites or bully their friends, it is time to intervene. It is time to be strict and tell what your kids did wrong.

Internet combination can be a dangerous place. But if you closely monitor your children’s activity, it is not impossible to protect them from those dangers.